Web Design, Video Production and Digital Marketing

At Spike Media, we know it can be daunting when you have to face up to your Digital Future. We'll guide you through the Digital Jungle to make sure the products and tools we provide will be the most effective for your company.

By listening closely and sharing the vision of our clients, we have produced effective Digital Solutions which have provided solid returns on investment in a diverse range of sectors.

Video Production

Video has revolutionised the corporate communications industry. Although itís been around for many years, Spike was one of the first companies to combine high quality video with the power of the internet, to achieve solid results.

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Website Design and Web Development

At Spike Media we combine the power of effective Web Design, Digital Marketing, Video and Flash Animation with the experience of our people to harness the power of the internet to deliver your message and get results.

Every client's aims are different. We spend time getting to know your organisation and what itís about. This allows us to develop the best Digital Strategy for the present and future needs of your company.

Some of the benefits are

  • Higher Sales - a well designed and constructed site can increase sales by driving customers to your website.
  • Lower Cost - tell customers about your products. Spike Media can create targeted email marketing campaigns which allow you to easily monitor individual campaigns, providing masses of information, which was previously almost impossible to gather, without printing expensive flyers or paying postage.
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Simply put, by optimising your site, we can improve your organisations position on the major search engines, which can help to grow your business.
  • Brand awareness - grow your brand by getting your message to new customers. By including video and Flash elements, our Digital Strategies can improve the perception of your company, delivering your message in a more creative and effective way.
  • E commerce - Automated, secure collection of orders and funds straight to your bank account, freeing up valuable workers time previously spent processing paper and phone orders.
  • 24 hour trading - Your site can take orders 24 hours a day, every day.
  • Worldwide reach - You can potentially reach the growing millions of web users.

To see how this can help your organisation please Contact us.

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